FIRST THINGS FIRST!  **Guys YOU should be freshly showered and manscaped! No glory wants pubs stuck between their teeth. Sheeh! Also, if you nick yourself shaving your cock/ball area, you should without exception WEAR A CONDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  No butts about that. GLORYHOLE ETIQUETTE WHAT IS A GLORYHOLE? A gloryhole  is a opening or hole in a wall, partition or divider... Continue Reading →

centersexculture: A Lover’s Pinch Bookparty Saturday, 9/29, doors at 3pm, presentation at 3:30 Explore the history of sadomasochism with Peter Tupper, author of A Lover’s Pinch: A Cultural History of Sadomasochism, in a presentation that goes from the marriage rites of ancient Rome to the worldwide subculture that influences everything from fashion toadvertising. Uncover a... Continue Reading →

daisydanni-sscl:Femboy friends are important, such girly sleepovers trying make up and outfits on eachother ♀ Who wouldn’t want to be Riley here in all pink pjs with a cute girly friend sleeping over hehe 😇 the stuff of dreams 😘

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